Duration: 20´, 2017

In the first part of this two-parted performance I wash my self vigorously with a hand soap. While I´m washing myself there is a speaker that spouts out offensive sobriquets from finnish language.

Duration: 20´, 2017

In the second part I make a cross made from mirrors. I play the traditional hopscotch game, where you throw a stone to one of the squares, and try to fetch it by hopping with one leg across the sphere. Gradually the brick that I use instead of a pebble breaks the mirrors, leaving a shattered cross behind.

Kallar oss hjältar

Duration 25´ l 2015

I picked a volunteer from the audience. The volunteer read homophobic and racist comments, articles and blog entries of far-right politicians and organizers. Meanwhile as the volunteer read these heinous statements, I walked among the audience tearing the pedals of rose bouquet. When all the pedals were torn, I used what was left of the bouquet as whip and I whipped myself with the thorns of the roses.


2014, Duration: 20´

I ate different kinds of sausages and wursts. I chewed them in my my mouth and spat the pulp in front of me. Gradually I sculpted a little humanoid from the pulp, and after the humanoid was ready, I laid next to it for a while.